Gemma is available for adoption
after January 23rd

Gemma is 4 years old and dearly loved.
She is great with other dogs,
Loves to give you lots of attention.  
She is a Wonderful companion.
Grand, Magnificent; of Noble Spirit
Of me in my wisdom and all that I knew.

“Is there a dog that is perfect?” he asked on a whim,
Well, I thought and I thought about where to begin.

“He’d have ears that were floppy… or cropped and alert
And eyes that were sleepy… or perky and pert,

He’d leap like a bunny or sit in your lap
And run fast as horses… or opt for a nap.

“A dog that is perfect would be covered in spots
Or maybe one-color … and then have spots-not.

“He’d be small as a teacup… or big as a house,
With a nose that seemed flattened … or long like a mouse,

“He’d swim and he’d hunt with a coat flying free
Or be dainty and delicate … and ‘He’d’ be a ‘She’

As I struggled to answer, and not with a clue,
My son, with a smile, said, out of the blue,

With the wisdom of children, what he already knew…
The dog that is perfect … is the one next to you.
Having Great Beauty; Glorious
By John O' Hurley

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Hard to believe; Amazing, Breathtaking
Euro/American Golden Retrievers
~ - ~ - ~ - ~
Golden-Labrador Retriever Cross
Manifesting or Evoking Affection
Golden Labs Puppies
A New Journey for the Wilson's and Golden Journey   
To all the wonderful families that have touch our lives by loving our puppies over the years.  
You have blessed us and encouraged us so many times at just the right moment.  We love having you in our lives.
There are so many of you ~ that I am writing this, try to cover the span.

Mark and I made the incredibly hard decision to place our beloveds.
Everyone has a new home now, either in Indiana nearby, or Colorado near my sister.  
Golden Journey and Sierra Knights will be here for them, and all our puppy families if we are ever needed.

We are going to spend the coming months focusing on our health and enjoying our 41 year marriage.
Looking forward to getting to know each other as "old" people.
We want to discover more about how we can improve our future days by lessening the great stress a breeder faces each day.  
What a huge responsibility.

I long to walk hand in hand along the beach with Mark.....Mishka & Rush following in toe.....the way many of you do, with 1 or 2 dogs.

A very rare blood cancer has slowly crept into our lives. God is so good to keep me as active as I have been the last few years.

Thank you to my husband who has supported this dream of mine, and is keeping things going.  
To my sons and their beautiful wives (my daughter-in-loves) who put up with way too much Golden hair, barking and
having the family gatherings at their homes because .....?? ,  You are so gracious!  

A huge Thank You to my amazing sister Vicci, her husband Rick and to our friend Alyson, (also in Colorado near Vicci)
who have taken on the placement of our pups and dogs into perfect homes.  
They did all the interviewing, met the new families, groomed dogs so they would be beautiful for their new homes and so much more.
I literally could not have done this.  You knew that!  Your generosity is beyond measure and I am without words....again!  I love you!

So, please continue to send updates (of all kinds) and pictures when we come to mind, we will treasure you always.
With love,